Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 7: Too Beautiful, Too Soon

The shock and awe day which I have been predicting.. In the eighties this afternoon, and still climbing. When I open windows, the temperature in the house goes up about 15 degrees immediately.
Later, the kitchen thermometer registers 91. Eighty-nine in Boston, the radio tells me, a record. Guys shoot at a basketball hoop and board on Exeter Street, at an increasingly dilatory space as the day wears on.
New flowers today: the first violet blossoms, absolutely not there yesterday. About 20 blossoms in a couple of locations in the front.
Many more vinca blossoms in the back.
Some new vinca, not there yesterday, blooming in the front near the rose bushes.
Things done: Dug up the raised-bed garden area for peas, scooped out the high-smelling compost, too much bending, from the bin and pitch-forked it in. Not broken up enough when I worked the ground today.
Put down metal climbing cones and planted pea seeds around them.
I plant morning glory seeds in the glass-roofed seedbed, using decay-able seed pots, the sort of product that looks like chewed cardboard. Way too hot to put the glass cover on top of them.
Dug out the plants in the corner of the back garden where sump pump pipe trench will run, and moved to safety. Will I remember them all? What will the collateral damage be?