Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10.9 Paradise Retreat

Classic fall day in the Berkshires. We drive to a nature conservation
property we have visited many times, probably every Columbus Day
weekend for the last dozen since we first discovered the site far enough away that, when you look down from the high point (Hurlburt Hill) on a spectacular tree-lined mountain view you have your backside on the Connecticut line….
It’s the annual October retreat. Three days without work, TV, mail, internet, almost anything but nature and the family summer place called “the cottage.” The evening activity is looking at stars or making a fire. We don’t go out to eat. We bring a bottle of wine, make simple meals featuring lots of bread. We go for hikes.
So on Saturday, a classic cloudless mild October day, we go to Bartholemew’s Cobble, a nature preserve located on the – take a wild guess – Housatonic River and which we have visited enough that I almost know the way. Here’s the report.

What the Trees Think

Roots sunk in rocks, you
Wait for winter winds to shake
Your heart is evergreen

Geese Flew Overhead on a Perfect Autumn Afternoon

Fighting the wind to
Keep their ranks in order like
Soldiers on parade

Where the Current Flows

The river moved slow
Brown the tint of memory
Shallow lies the soul

The Forest Tribe Thrives Together

Grow high, if at all
Lean in on one another
Falling, feed the roots

First Fall Twilight

First blue, then pink, the
Sky turns black above the hill
Painting in the cold