Monday, March 7, 2011

2.11 Old Snow Has Some Crust

We are snowbound (mentally, at least) another week. It doesn’t snow, though the temperature drops down to extremes on several evenings. The snow, which melted last weekend and on a Monday that elevated to 40 degrees in the afternoon, crusted on top.
I began going back to the waterfront on Tuesday, having avoided the area for weeks because of the deep snow and inaccessibility of my favorite path. Few footsteps pack down the snow on my path around the marsh. I try it anyway this week. Sometimes you can walk on the top of crusted snow without breaking through with each heavy step. At other points you fall into some sort of repetitive clown act. I remember a girl friend heavy-footing through sun like this in Connecticut while I walked beside remaining magically on the top. Ah ha, I think, the trick is moving faster.
This day the snow played a game with me. I could go a few steps, almost get up a head of steam, then I would lose my gravity-suspension license and plunge through, going up almost to my knee. Then I would be all right for a while, then a succession of false – or falling – steps. A kind of walking roulette. Shadowy spots made for a thicker crust. Sunny spots a minefield of inevitable blunders.

Snow Field Jaunty

Walking in the air
I feel free said the joker
Falling through the crust