Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Day After

Nature is trying to get our attention.
One day after the new hybrid Super-Storm Sandy, which makes it sound like something that escaped from a genetic modification research laboratory, the New York metropolitan area is a disaster area and millions of people on the East Coast are without electricity.
New York City is completely without public transportation, all the subway tunnels between Manhattan and the Long Island boroughs are awash with salt water. The Battery, the name for the lower tip of Manhattan where you take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty got 12 feet of water above sea level. Lots of flooding yesterday, no lights on in lower Manhattan or Brooklyn last night, a condition widely regarded as one of the signs of the Apocalypse. No power still today in lower Manhattan all the way up to 40th St.
If storms like this had been more frequent in ye days of yore, they wouldn’t have built New York City where they did, on that wonderful “protected” harbor. Or it would have looked more like the Netherlands.
Mystical earth-magic interpretation: Mother Nature knows where the power lives. She aimed the hammer blow of her storm of perfect vengeance right at Wall Street.
In Massachusetts about half a million people lost power, most of them still without it today. A lot of schools stayed closed because of the power losses. Fortunately, we didn’t lose power or have tree limbs come down in our yard. The Boston area was lucky. My brother on Long Island lost power yesterday afternoon and is still without it today.
Earth to people: your planet is trying to get your attention. Because the so-called most powerful nation on earth is conducting an extensive money-poisoned Black Mass called an election campaign to choose its leaders, during which it has ignored all climate change and environmental issues.
Somebody cue “Eve of Destruction.”
Meanwhile, we little folk prepared in our usual way. I harvested a pailful of green tomatoes, cut the branches of the herb garden and brought them into dry, and stripped a small horde of pointy red peppers from a low plant I bought a couple of months ago already well fruited.
With the storm casting a shadow over the region lon Sunday, Anne and I took the scissors out and culled a few armfuls of flowers. Harvesting the flowers, bring the perennial garden inside the house, concentrating the colors of the earth in a few small vases.
The day after the storm, Nature renewed the garden’s colors. Leaves of a half dozen trees spread in a “fall colors” natural carpeting all over the earth.