Friday, May 15, 2015

Garden Openers: Look What's Up in the Middle of May

            Some of these plants remain a mystery to me. This tree (pictured at top) has been growing for years underneath the cover of the much taller closely neighboring mulberry tree. It blossomed white this week. Does anyone one know what it is? A variety of cherry?
            And then there's this blue sparkling tiny flower (second photo) with mint green leaves. I transplanted this plant from Plymouth when we moved here to Quincy ten years ago. I still don't know what it is.
            I know the name of this plant (third down). It's called Lungwort (or Pulmonaria), but my camera doesn't work well with this shade light, so it's hard to distinguish it from the surrounding viney vinca.
            The strawberries began showing their white blossoms this week. That means fruit will follow. (fourth photo)
            The flower spikes of the Ajuga opened this week. They're a dark color than shows in the photo. (fifth photo)
            Forget-me-nots, a pale blue flower with white centers are shown here, with Ajuga spikes in the background. This plant is migrating from where I put it to an area it appears to like better.  (sixth photo)

            Another blue flowering groundcover that blooms in mid-May is the thickly blossoming Speedwell shown in this photo (seventh photo).
            Another low groundcover, Sweet Woodruff, blossoms with low white flowers in May. This plant has also redistributed itself around the garden area. (eighth photo, foreground)
            The white blossoms on these plants (photo nine) completely eluded my memory but I found the ID tag that came with their purchase. It's called a "spring Anemone." Very delicate texture on these flowers; I hope they last a while. (ninth photo, pink bleeding heart in upper part of photo)
            Finally showiest flower, and by far the largest, in the early mid-May ensemble is the Chinese peony. The first blossoms opened yesterday when I took the picture. Today they all opened (tenth photo) They're luscious.