Friday, August 7, 2015

Faces of August, that Blue and Beautiful Month

            Flowers of August all around us. The big red circle of lips of the perennial hibiscus (top photo) opening for their day in the sun. Each day another, and then they depart.
            The red-orange daylilies (second photo) counting off their own days, standing against the deep and shady greens.
            Delicate pink of the anemones (third photo), why are you so much in a hurry to stick your long neck into August? We'll miss you when you're gone.
            August tricks us. We think it will last forever.
            But the signs of change are all around us.We hear the crickets, the wild song and dance of the full month of summer. When we hear the crickets, the cicada song, the long lean buzz of the locusts -- they sing the locust electric -- things are already late.
            These six-legged singers are the party guys of August. Crack open another, the night is young. The nights begin earlier this month. They're beautiful, still warm at the start, their color clear and deep in the in luscious twilight, but each night eats up a little more of last full month of summer.
            The Queen Anne's Lace open their wide white umbrellas (fourth photo down), turning the lanes white, bowing to the sun. The Black-Eyed-Susans cling together, filling all the space you give them.
            It's time for the annuals to shine (fifth photo down). If you grow them from seed, the cosmos are still thin and lacy in August. Preteens at their summer games.
            The cone flowers (sixth photo) wear pink and white petaled skirts around the gumdrop hills of a darker seed, pushing their noses up the sky. Strong and straight after a rain.
            The last of giant two-toned, dark-throated daylilies (seventh photo) open their eyes and stare at the world in amazement. Exactly how we look at them.
            Blue thistles crown the tops of the mint (glimpsed above in the fourth photo). They mingle everywhere, opportunists, scented, seeking a touch too much to please.
            The Rose of Sharon (bottom photo), white and exalted, shines in August.