Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another Perfectly Good Month: Let's Spend It in the Garden

Well, here we are at the start of a new month and it appears that once again I started it off with a poem that has the word "garden" in the title. "Telling Time in the Garden" celebrates the progression of mini-growing seasons observed in a flower garden:

little white flowers give way to little purple ones,
the purples grow bigger, spread farther...

Then, so quickly, just a week or two later:

little purples, the modest blues, give way to
the vast, heartening operatic invasion of golden life, expressive oranges, blazes of red
truer than blood,
hot colors for the hot season...

And so it goes. 
The second poem is complaint -- lyric poetry began as complaints, so my professors said (though the subject was traditionally love) -- about the sounds of summer. Look! Up in the Air! Is it a plane? And another one! And another!... (another, another)...
 [Is] no one else is listening to the world?
My overhead fan spinning on high, my device playing its mechanical heart out,
my cache of late night music
and even this stressed-out machine with its hot-weather hum
 — my homely summer sound track: machines raising their voices —
can't blot the roar of the sky's displacement
Time and space have grown louder...  

 Then a poem on the food chain ("Which Way Do I Look?"). We owe it all to the green plants. If not for them, what hope for all that increased airplane traffic passing over Quincy to Logan...
where all will arrive, with luck, hungry. 

In the last poem  ("All Day") I'm telling time again, though this time has to do with the progress of the day, the dance of hours, as seen (generally from some moderately uncomfortable position) in the garden:

the sky changes the picture continually,
this morning playing with puffy veils, translucent fringes,
the blue default deepens, then fades, then lightens up
All day it will do this
All day

These poems, and scores of others, new every month, can be seen at You can also read brief comments and one or two-sentence reviews of many other poems by readers and other poets on the new Verse-Virtual Facebook page. 

So happy September, everyone. And for all of us who are not 'going back to school' this month, how good is that?