Saturday, April 22, 2017

National Poetry Month: It's How You Play the Game

The prompt from National Poetry Writing Month, the website that encourages poets to write a new poem every day throughout the month of April, calls for writing a poem based on the jargon of a sport of game.
               Here's how the site put it: 
Today, I challenge you to write a poem that incorporates the vocabulary and imagery of a specific sport or game. Your poem could invoke chess or baseball, hopscotch or canasta, Monopoly or jai alai. The choice is yours!


               Here's my poem.

The Odd Ball Game

I take a swing at Stumpy's curve
And leg a hit to short and dirt
And wish that I would have the nerve
to grow my hair or wear a skirt

Bello follows, swinging big but bleeds a squib
An easy out at second base
He hollers to the world he's safe
And snarls at me and tells a fib

He's stylin' when they pick him off
But bitches at Ump Stinky's call
I'm hoping he will get the toss
But he is big and Stinker's small

The game drags on all afternoon
They kick our butt, you'd never know
From Bello's rants and taunts and lies
You'd think he was the only show

I'm rapping with our Number Nine
Her eyes are big, her hair is fine
She plays the game as I think I could
But I am wary, and she is good

Then Bello roars, and flaunts, and steals a pinch
Nine swings a bat at his fat rump
He stumbles and disputes the play 
"You can't do that, my name is Dump"

But rules are rules, and girls can play
It's not as hard as they make it seem
And the score that counts is the game of life
Next year I'll start another team