Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Garden of the Seasons: Maypole Dance of the Tulips

 Tulip time in Eastern Massachusetts is the last week of April and early May. In the top photo here, see also the low ground covering Vinca Minor well along in its blooming season. 
In the background the low, yellow- flowering plant is a Saxatile Alyssum (aka Basket of Gold), getting a little better every year.  
Second photo down, a pale daffodil with a complicated blossom structure. Also pictured the green thumb of daughter Sonya, who took these photos.
In the last two photos below, a few feet away from the spot pictured in the top photo, a row of dark pink tulips, who have found a place they like. 
The third photo down: a yellow tulip with red arrows comes in close for her close-up.