Monday, January 26, 2015

Memories of Summer: My Poem in The Bombay Review

 My poem recalling the sufferings of keeping your garden watered in a dry summer was published in the December issue of the online literary journal The Bombay Review. Here's the poem. I posted the link to the journal below, if you wish to take a look at the journal online. It's a very attractively designed web product, with good stuff to read.

My Aching Back – Robert Knox

Bees dart between the streams of spray —
They don’t like my rain delays

Bare-stemmed, burned out by the long dry spell
The plants wait patiently for rain

I bend to the task, patience my name
Bearing the heavy pail through twisty garden paths
Aquarius with a sore-point shoulder

A summer day too late for the name
I cheat with the sprinkler
The weary tomatoes rejoice,
flapping their yellow palms and withered phalanges in the spray

A time-worn rain machine
I sit on the borders of my storm
My fountain arcing to the blue

Patter of little foot-drops tom-toming across the hard paths,
stone slices louder than the parched and particled soil

In dreams I chastise my civilized oppressors
begging them at last to step out of doors
and lift their faces to the sky
to drink of the balm that must some day come