Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Garden of Poetry: 'My Dad's Ship But One of Three'

Hello Everybody, 

            Guess what? It's poetry time again.
            The new, February issue of the online literary journal Verse-Virtual, my home away from home (poetically speaking) has published a new group of my poems. This bunch is about family history, and personal history, insofar as poems are ever about anything but themselves. 
            The first poem in the group, "My Dad's Ship But One of Three," comes from a true story Dad told us about the World War II embarkation of his regiment from England to France and the disaster that befell one of the transport ships. Here's the beginning:

My Dad's Ship But One of Three

Three ships left English port that evening
Out of sight is out of mind
Who would spy them cruising, steaming, transporting precious cargoes warm
across the dark cold waters, killing North Atlantic waters
Who could see through deepest night
bodies of a breathing cargo, men and mostly young ones likewise
bound for the shore of wartime heroes, horrors, lost hurrahs
bound for the continent, La Belle France, country of culture, wine, fashionable women, les belles dames
some reduced to eating garbage left behind
by lords and masters, four long years in darkness bowed them,
liberation on its watery way 

  Here's the link for these poems:

            You can see from the list of author's names on the current poetry page of this site (http://www.verse-virtual.com/current-poetry.html) that this journal publishes a lot of new poetry every month. It's a labor of love, but a lot of work, for the editor.
(FYI, here's the link to the sequence is called "Garden Lover" in the January issue of Verse-Virtual: 

(And here's the link to the poems published in the December issue (a poem about a hummingbird, one about my daughter Sonya's birthday, and a poem about walking on Wollaston Beach):

   (Another online journal, Bombay Review, recently published a garden-inspired poem titled "My Aching Back." It's a site with an attractive layout. Here's the link:              

          I hope everyone is well. It's been snowing like the end of the world for most of the day here in Eastern Massachusetts. But, actually, the snow appears to be lessening, and the world's still here.